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Our eyes may run along not very high hills covered with the grass gently tousled by the wind and with the profile cut only by a distant wall of woods and by the rugged Dolomiti profile on the northern horizon. Local mountains are neither wild nor steep, it is rather a vast high-mountain plain at an altitude from 1100 to 2000 meters.
Nature and relaxation, peace and fun, arts, culture and gastronomy are combined here.
History is written here in ancient stones bordering pastures, in powerful fortresses of concrete and iron as the remainders of crashes and horrors of the World War I, and in the still surviving tradition of the primeval Cimbro-German tribe's language.
Here you can return to the human dimension as well as to the children's world, no matter how you may imagine your holiday: from a normal walk to a mountain hike, from a mountain bike ride to golf, from relaxation on the lake shore or a one-beer stop in the pub.

FOLGARIA: superb holiday
Long sunshine hours even during the short winter days, in the elevated location at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level surrounded by forests. Folgaria is a historic location, always inhabited by liberal-minded people defending their territory, a place that can also be an ideal centre for your holiday stay as well as an ordinary mountain village with authentic features of typical rural alpine traditions even today.
You and your children will have everything really within arm's reach here: meadows and forests, walks as well as the most strenuous hikes, fun as well as cultural events animating summer days in this table-land.

LAVARONE: pure lake
The beauty of this spot was discovered by the Central European bourgeoisie at the end of the 19th century, who chose it as a place for recreation, and - in the case of Sigmund Freud - also as a place for study and meditation. It was Lavarone Lake, mentioned among the Italy's purest water bodies, which makes a magical impression on current generations as well. When the summer heat reaches the terrace plains scattered by small Lavarone districts, a bath in the lake water seems to be a refreshing dream that becomes even a more unique experience in the middle of the charming natural scenery surrounding you every time you look up.

LUSERNA: village with a long history
Discover the history of this ancient village - situated in the corner of the table-land, at a sharp edge of the Valdastico valley at an altitude between 1200 and 1600 meters - where you feel as if we were in early times all of a sudden: here still survives the old Cimbro-German tribe's dialect brought in the Middle Ages by the strong and brave people who managed to maintain their identity and tradition, inherent in the whole table-land, up to these days.
The village runs the "Lusern Documentation Center - Museum and Cultural Initiatives Office" and the "Haus von Prukk" - a true reconstruction of the typical Cimberian dwelling of the 9th century - inviting you to discover the southernmost and the oldest ethnic minority speaking a German language that survived up to these days.